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Plastic Surgery of the Ear



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Bat ears/ Prominent ears (Otoplasty and ear splinting)

Prominent ears are due to either unfolding of the antihelical fold, a deep conchal bowl or both. The very best treatment is splinting of the ears within the first few weeks of life!

Whilst there are circulating maternal hormones, auricular cartilage remains malleable. This technique may be applied to all types of deformational ear deformity and in many cases obviates the need for surgery later. It is not applicable to ear malformations. There is a narrow window of opportunity and treatment must be commenced before 6 weeks of age.

There are many techniques for Otoplasty (bat ear correction). It can be performed any time after age 3 and I prefer to wait until it becomes an issue for the child. There is no upper age limit although the cartilage is firmer in an adult and more difficult to manipulate.

French Otoplasty Technique

The technique I use varies from the commonly practiced Chonchet technique. It still involves an incision behind the ear but there is no dissection of cartilage in front of the ear. Advantages include;

-A gently curved antihelical fold rather than a straight fold seen in some “pinned ears”
-No cartilage incisions or overlapping cartilage (noticeable as swelling settles)
-No head bandage. The ears are “superglued” into place for 1 week
-avoidance of “telephone ear” deformity
-less bruising and swelling at the front of the ear

In older children this can be performed under local anaesthetic.

Bat ear before
Bat ear after
Lop ear before
Lop ear after

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