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Plastic Surgery of the Neck



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Ageing of the neck may age a persons face more than the face itself. I perform most of my neck lift surgery in Wellington through facelift incisions. The surgery is individualized according to local anatomy as demonstrated below.

Platysma suspension to
mastoid and Genioplasty
(chin advancement)
Vertical Platysma and
SMAS plication necklift
Submental liposuction and
MACS face and neck lift
SMAS resection face and necklift
and platysma plication
MACS face and neck lift and cervical liposuction
Oblique platysma suspension
and SMAS resection


Options for rejuvenation of the neck include;

-elevation of the SMAS and platysma layer during a facelift
-plicating and tightening the platysma muscle though a small chin incision
-removing fat superficial and deep to the SMAS layer
-removing a ptotic hanging submandibular gland
-Botox of platysma (temporary)

There are many structures within the neck liable to damage such as branches of the facial nerve that animates the face. I perform approximately 25-30 neck dissections a year for cancer in the lymph nodes and as such am very familiar with the local anatomy.

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