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Plastic surgery of the body - abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)



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Abdominoplasty patients overall are a very satisfied patient group. Many have had children and this operation is an opportunity to plicate the abdominal wall and remove excess skin in a way that diet and exercise can never achieve. Many wish to be able to wear close fitting garments or a swimming costume without having a lower abdominal roll. Often they may have had a caesarian section and the abdominal wall has sagged over the scar causing discomfort.

An important feature of abdominoplasty is tightening the underlying musculature which may be widely spread during previous pregnancy. All skin between the umbilicus and pubic region is removed along with stretch marks. After being dissatisfied with the umbilicoplasty I had observed, I have evolved a technique that I believe leaves a more natural looking umbilicus and avoids the “hole-in-the-ground” look.

Note the sculptured nature of the adjacent abdominal wall in this patient shown below who has had an abdominoplasty with my modified umbilicoplasty and had breast implants placed through the “tummy tuck” incision.

Post bariatric surgery/ weight loss surgery

Following massive weight loss the skin cannot always contract over the underlying form. Various regions are excised using well established plastic surgical approaches;

Thighs (excised with inner thigh and body lift incisions)
Abdomen (excised with abdominoplasty or body lift incision)
Breast (breast reduction/ mastopexy incision)
Arms (brachioplasty/ inner arm excision)
Face facelift incision)

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