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Plastic Surgery of the Brow



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Browlift - Before

Browlift -After

In Wellington I usually use a limited incision browlift technique to avoid the problems of endoscopic browlifts and open browlifts. This technique is modified from that described by David Knize from Colorado.

A browlift
-lifts the eyebrow into a more youthful position
-decreases the bagginess of the upper eyelid
-reduces wrinkles and deep furrows of the forehead
-the central frown muscles are removed.

A brow lift may be performed under local anaesthetic which decreases costs.
I usually perform a browlift during a facelift.

The surgery may be performed endoscopically through small incisions although for a longer lasting effect in heavy brows I prefer a scalp incision. I use this incision frequently as a craniofacial surgeon and it allows a very substantial lift.

Cautions if you are contemplating brow surgery

Upper blepharoplasty
Upper eyelid bags should not be removed if the brow is well descended. If this is done the brow cannot be elevated later as the upper eyelids will be pulled up exposing the eye.

Surprised look
Ensure your surgeon does not elevate the lateral part of the brow too much. This leaves a “surprised” look.

Ensure your hairline is not pulled too far backwards. I avoid this by using an “intertrichial” hairline incision when this is appropriate.

Corrugator muscles
Ensure your surgeon removes the corrugator supercilli muscles. These are the central frown muscles often treated with Botox. There anatomy is quite complicated but a properly trained surgeon will be able to safely remove them without damaging adjacent structures.

Facial nerve
Your surgeon will have to be careful of the frontal branch of the facial nerve. This can be damaged when stopping bleeding from the so-called sentinel vein and will paralyze one half of the forehead.

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