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Spring assisted cranial remodelling

Professor Claes Lauritzen in Sweden has pioneered the technique of using a spring for craniofacial reshaping. He has performed over 150 cases using springs.

Our Craniofacial programme was the first in the Southern Hemisphere to start using springs. During the period 2005 - 2009, over 40 springs cases have been performed and we have taught craniofacial surgeons from several other international units about their use.

Springs have significant advantages over traditional craniofacial techniques in that there is minimal blood loss, and much faster recovery. However the shape change occurs slowly over several months and it is only effective if performed quite early in life. A second procedure is required to remove the spring.

The case below demonstrates the first known case of deformational brachycephaly treated using this technique. There have been no bone cuts or repositioning, just springs inserted either side of the lambdoid suture.

Marked Brachycephaly
4 weeks following spring insertion

Craniofacial springs being tested in a dynamometer at the Christchurch Biomedical Laboratory

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